The name given to fans of the popular sci-fi show Doctor Who, Whovians are the epitome of awesome, with good grammar and better knowledge (at least, that's what they think of themselves). This knowledge stems from their interest in space and time, and the information gained from many viewings of the show. Despite their "vast" (admittedly exaggerated, but not completely unwarranted) knowledge, a Whovian's social life tends to be lacking, as their love for the show sometimes get in the way of a "normal" life (Rather, as "normal" as it gets on the Internet). They are sometimes ridiculed by the public (i.e. close-minded jerks) and lock themselves away (They're not really missing much anyway).

Like the show's titular character, they are (or may be) capable of Bodily Regeneration (they do not change, but they heal up to 12 times when near death), assisted time travel (The effects of time travel on the internet, and vice-versa, is weird and not fully understood however), lock picking, language mastery, and being a general nuisance when they want to be, especially to salt and pepper shakers. The show tends to be favored by intellectual types, and so Whovians are usually reasonably intelligent, at least when they're talking about something they actually know about.

(Based off a real subculture.)