Regular UserEdit

These individuals are fully developed Newbies. Users have a wide array of cultures and personalities, although they tend to be of a helpful nature (or at least harmlessly indifferent), though there are of course exceptions to this. Users usually have skills and abilities unique to them, as a result of their individuality. They still retain some of the newbies' suggestibility, but enough of their personality is set in place to prevent total conversions.


(Builds up sites; generally specialize in creative code, though there are exceptions. Can "see" code, in varying extents)

Troll-like UserEdit

(Enjoys harassing others, but does so in jest; Generally better at fighting Noobs and other sensitive creatures)

Fur-covered UserEdit

Users that happen to look like an Anthro Furry, but don't participate in their "group activities" and generally stay away from them. Some of them are remnants of the Burned Furs that disliked what was happening to the Furries, but failed to evoke change. Others simply like certain animals but don't take it to the extremes of most furries. Nonetheless, these are users with the unfortunate (though understandable) stigma of furries against them.

Typically stronger than most furries, slightly above Anthro class. Gains some of the abilities of their animal side, depending on where on the Scale Of Furry they land.

Anime/Manga UserEdit

(Enjoys anime and manga. Does not usually go to the excesses of Otaku)

Veteran UserEdit

Often synonymous with Privileged Users, though the meaning is a bit different.

These users have significant experience under their belt and often are trusted in their community for their insight, etc etc they're great. Generally have higher stats all around than a regular user, and are often prime candidates for Privileged Membership.

Privileged UserEdit

Usually composed of Veteran Users, though there are many exceptions. They are given the keys to more restricted parts of the site, much like a backstage pass. They often aren't given any additional powers but there are exceptions to this as well. Expected to come to the defense of the site, though this is more of an unspoken rule.

It is possible to be privileged on several sites, and this can cause tension if the sites are opposed to each other, although this also presents an opportunity for negotiations.

Mods, AdminsEdit

The vast majority of Moderators and Administrators are Users.

Amalgam UserEdit

These were once several different individuals, who fused together somehow. This is a way for several individuals incapable of metamorphosing into a User to do so.

Their feeble intelligences are summed up, multiplied, until they have sufficient brainpower to become a User. They will initially don a mask while their form is still unstable and may develop personality fragments in this early stage. Through their interactions their form stabilizes and the metamorphosis is complete, although often still at some small risk of refragmentation.