GriffinFlash (Part 2)Edit


A few minutes earlier on the other side of the curtain, the noobs all begin to approach the curtain.

Random Noob: Master says he’ll give us candy if we do this job.

Other Noob: I liek candy liek as much as I leik volum six.

Suddenly a flash of light appeared, and Squidward materialized into the crowd. He was wearing a hooded cloak this time, to hide his identity since this time he was out in the bright sunlight. He turned to the group of noobs and lifted his arms to them. A smile spread across his hidden face.

Squidward: My children. Tonight, you shall invade the P20 boards! You shall have candy, and rides, and everything imaginable!

The noobs all shouted in praise.

Squidward: You serve me, for I have given you all “god mod” upgrades. You are 5X stronger, then any ordinary noob! But, if you fail to follow my orders, I can easily take them away and merge you all with The Darkness, never to escape again!

Squidward stood silent for a moment, before beginning to speak again.

Squidward: I ask one thing of you idiots. Tear down this curtain, and I will reward you with riches beyond anything your noobish brains can comprehend. Now attack my children.

At that order, the noobs started to attack the curtain. It is now that Plasma spotted the noobs from inside and shot an arrow into the crowd. The arrow hit one noob straight in the head. This noob fell over, but somehow managed to get up unharmed with an arrow through his skull. These literally were Brainless Super-Noobs.

Little did anyone know that Squidward was already gone. He had warped to a farther section of the curtain. His distraction would be a success. The sonic paradox members on the other side would take the bait, and fight off the noobs while he entered the curtain without anyone’s knowledge.

Squidward walked up to the curtain and kneeled down inspecting it. He took a piece of fabric in his hand, and then something unexpected happened. He got up, and lifted the curtain over his head effortlessly. Squidward had gotten onto the other side of the curtain with no problem. Squidward took the Darknull stone out and held it in his hand. Squidward began his journey to the center of the P20 boards, without anyone knowing he was there. The stone began to glow in his hand.

Squidward: "The End is near, Enjoy it"!


Back at the Paradox group a battle was about to begin.

Celest: At the count of three, we will rush out, and fight the noobs. Everyone ready!

Everyone got their weapons at ready. The fight would begin any minute.

Celest: One…….two…..THREE!

They all charged under the curtain and into the group of noobs. Too bad they had yet to know just what kind of power these noobs possessed.