*Not too far away in General Animations, Boz was taking his morning stroll, when he heard something that sounded like a little girl screaming.*

Boz: Huh? Who could that be?

*Boz looks to see who's in trouble, and notices TheChio running.*

Boz: Chio! Who was that screaming? Is someone in trouble?


Chio: Boz! It was despicable! It was-

Chio pauses, suddenly perplexed by the strange, strange entity that it Boz. Chio looks him up and down, and sees that Boz's entire body is constantly warping and morphing. One moment he looks like a muscle-clad hero with a head of toast, the next, he resembles a silver-haired old man with one earring and an intense hatred of goody-goodies. It was quite a Bizarre sight to behold, so much so that Chio finds himself staring stupidly at Boz for a prolonged moment.

Boz: Chio. Please continue Chio.

Chio: Uhwha. face. f-face.

Boz: I heard screaming Chio, focus please

Chio: bBbbbbbyes. Yes. That was me. Er.

Boz: What the hell happened that could scare you so?


Chio, still a little exhausted from the running and unknowing what he actually saw replies...

Chio: nothing...

Boz: nothing?

Chio: yes, nothing. Though i only glanced it for a second it was a dark and mysterious place yet somehow i know its bad

Boz: how do you know its bad? did it have any candy?

Bit MasterEdit

Chio: I was able to see a thin trail of candy going into a cave. I think that means it's bad.

Boz replied, changing shape quite rapidly: Goodness!

Chio: The darkness seemed eternal. It was horrible.

Boz: That's pretty freaky.

Chio: It was abysmal and loomed over me as if it had some dominating soul of its-

Boz: I get it.

Chio: Well what are we to do about this? We gotta do something before the nubs find it and start wandering in!


Boz: You mean like the ideas thread?

Chio: Yes.