*a aspirational music starts to play*

Iceman steps forward

Iceman: you have me iceblades


*Celest steps forward.*

Celest: You've got my penis and useless admin skills from other terrains.


GameBuddy: Count me in! Without this place, nobody'd ever give me any work!

GameBuddy pats his microphone and a laser sword burst from the handle.

GameBuddy: I love this freakin' thing. *grin*


Jake draws his sticks out and extends them to full reach, equaling his height.

"I'm ready to either fight with you guys or defend SP. What would you have me do?"

RGX (Part 1)Edit

Bit, Chio, Jake, Boz, Gamebuddy, and Celest form the new Alpha team.

*an aspirational music starts to play*

Iceman steps forward

Iceman: you have me iceblades!

Chio: Sorry Iceman, we need more people to guard the forum.

Iceman: Ah I see.......

*aspirational music stops

Iceman: Well I wish you guys luck.

The newly formed Team Alpha venture through the welcome topic while Iceman and newly formed Team BITA stay behind and guard the forum. We join Team Alpha as they take their first steps......

Chio: Hmm... I sent a message to him, he should be here...

Bit: What is it, Chio?

Chio: Somethings strange, this place is eerily quiet..

Jake: Doesn't make sense, this place should be filled with noobs and trolls.

Boz: Maybe King Noob is leading us into a trap..

Gamebuddy: We have no choice, we won't know whats inside this topic until we go through it.

Celest: Stop bitching and lets get this over with.

*The darkness known as the welcome topic has been closed off.

Gamebuddy: What happened?

Chio: The topic has been locked.

Jake: So we're trapped?

Celest: Shit.

Boz: I totally called it.

A shadowy figure appears.

Gamebuddy: Whos that!?