*So our heroes split up into two groups to stop the madness that's destroying Sonic Paradox. Team ALPHA makes there way back to the tear to try and stop it, while team BITA fight off the Noob Army... of darkness.*

*Team ALPHA arrives at the tear.*

Chio: Alright team, we made it back to the tear!

KaDo: Yes, but how do we stop it from getting bigger?

Chio: Ahhh, that I do not know.

Celest: Wait! I know! What if I ra--... no wait, that only works on trolls.

Jake: Wait guys! I see something in the tear?

KaDo: What? What do you see?

Boz: Yeah, what is it? if only I could put my glasses on, damn these short T-rex arms.

Celest: Wait! I see it too, its coming out of the tear!

Chio: Stand back team! We don't even know what that thing is.

Jake: Well what do we do about it?

Boz: I still can't see anything god damnit.

*Meanwhile back at the front lines of the Noob army invasion, team BITA plans their next move.*

Bit: Alright guys, this isn't going to be easy, they got us way outnumbered, we need to think of a good strategy.

Booze: Strategy? Lets just get out there and kicks their asses.

Stasis: We can't simply beat them all. Theres too many of them, plus they're organized now with that DarkRyal character leading them.

Iceman: Stasis is right, these noobs won't be very easy to take down, not with DarkRyal leading the attack.

Insector: Well why don't we just take care of this DarkRyal? Then his army won't know what to do, other than stand around making retarded comments.

Bit: Yes, but how will we be able to stop him? He has a huge army protecting him.

*Off in the distance, a left out Gamebuddy looks around and sees his friends about to battle a huge army of Noobs. I must help them in some way... But how?

*Will Gamebuddy help team BITA stop the Noob army? What is moving around inside the tear that has team ALPHA scared? Will Boz ever be able to put on his glasses again?

You decide! Thats right YOU, yes you.


Oh god I can't count