The group is torn between sorting out the rip in the space-time fabric of forum reality continuum (with candy) and assaulting DarkRyal's army of nooblets.

Insector, who at this time was too busy posting in the "Paradoxical Parable" topic to aid them in any physical way, did however notice another emerging problem: that there was quickly becoming far too many characters in one place to write about fully. Thus, he decided the group would decide to split into several groups and tackle the obstacles in their own teams, simultaneously. This would mean that character development would be much easier and enjoyable.

And so:

Chio: Let's think for a minute here.

Boz: A dangerous passtime!

Chio: I know. But just how many of us are there here now? There's me, Boz, Iceman, Gamebuddy, Stasis, Booz, Celest, Jake, Bit, and KaDo. That's nine of us in all.

Stasis: That's almost enough for two teams of five.

Chio: Yes.


Oh fine god damn

Insector falls from the sky landing on his face. It didn't hurt; it felt wonderful.

Chio: Euphoria!

As he slowly strives to get back on his feet, the gang take a moment to take in the sight that is Insector. Bloody hell what a mess: A battered green shell housing tattered, torn wings; tired, glistening compoundeyes that have seen far too much; sticklike, vestigial limbs that only just seem to hold his weight; a grotesque, unwieldy proboscis; scraggly antennae that sense very little; a giant di-

Celest: Fuck's sake shut up

Insector: All right all right, at least I've actually given the audience a description to go by. Now they have images in there minds of Boz and me...

Insector motions to high-five Boz but his tiny dinosaur arms just wave pathetically

Insector: Oh, sorry. Anyhow, the teams. Chio'll lead team ALPHA and Bit will lead team BETA, or BITA as it now has to be called.

ALPHA- Chio, Celest, Jake, Boz and KaDo- Will go back to the Hole in the Forum thing with candy thing and see if you can rectify the situation there before it lets anything nasty in.

BITA- Bit, Iceman, Stasis, Booz and Insector- Will go forth and take on DarkRyal and his Nooble parade.

Insector: Hope this isn't too complicated for your liking. Best of luck gentlemen. And KaDo.

And so the all-new teams, ALPHA and BITA, go there seperate ways in their quests to solve the problems that plague the forum! Not only that, but now there's few enough characters in each half of the intertwining plots to write lines for and develop properly! Hot shit!