Terazokie terizeye by terazokie-d3920zx

This guy.

Names: Terazokie, Tera, Oh Fuck It's That Guy

This is by far the most easily forgettable character in the entire Parable Series. His brief entry in the first Parable lasted about as long as some analogy that compares that to something that's really freaking short. As soon as he entered Parable I Boz, the shape-shifting Animator who was then a T-rex, ett'em. He spent the next two years inside the dinosaur until he became aware that he was in a dinosaur, in the Second Parable. After learning where he was, he promptly escaped by bursting out of Boz's stomach, riding his crappy over heating computer like "a freaking rocket ship".

This character may not have a lot of plot significance, but when his friends need help he always gives it to them, whether he knows he is doing it or not. He is also part of Team Paradox, technically.

Current Status: Unknown, but presumed butt fucked.


Terazokie likes just being around his friends and having fun on him. While they may forget he is with them sometimes, he never lets that bother him. Tera tries his best to help out when he can actually do so, which doesn't happen all too often.


Tera can't do much of anything, although one thing he IS good at is not dying. He can also jump long distances and can sprint like a son of a bitch.