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Welcome to the Paradoxical Parable Wiki,
a database that provides multiple articles explaining the workings of how the Internet is portrayed in a physical sense.
Started on March 13, 2005, the wiki currently has 148 articles.
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Did you know that...

  • ...that the Serebii/Dream World arc was a bad idea that should have never happened?
  • ...that RGX's face is a magnet for octopuses octopi?
  • ...that the Darknull Stone was actually an abandoned plot device in the first Parable, but picked back up in the second as a main plot device?
  • ...that Dr. Plankton is the one who theorized that the Dream Goddess is actually Sandy Cheeks crazy?

Random Quote of the Moment

"If my memory serves me, they are most likely drawing breasts in some shape or form. Ha, ha! Form.[1]"
GameBuddy, Paradoxical Parable