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Welcome to the Paradoxical Parable Wiki,
a database that provides multiple articles explaining the workings of how the Internet is portrayed in a physical sense.
Started on March 13, 2005, the wiki currently has 148 articles.
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Did you know that...

  • ...that RGX's grandmother spent her whole life building a waterslide, even on weekends?
  • ...that Flash Twister walked on, and then off? (He was never heard from again.)
  • ...that the Lightcrest is just as dangerous as the Darknull Stone, despite being its polar opposite?
  • ...that you can add facts to this template by going to it and following the instructions?

Random Quote of the Moment

"It does. It's got candy, Halo, porn, Myspace apps, flamethrower, anything you can dream of!"
Celest Orion, Paradoxical Parable