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PNSK is one of the male protagonists in the series. In the beginning of the second Parable, he is just a regular Privileged User wandering the Forums of Sonic Paradox. PNSK wields no special weapons at the time, except his own fists from studying Tae Kwon Do. PNSK is a techno-geek, excelling at handling gadgets and gizmos a plenty.

There is more to PNSK that the others don't see. Because deep down inside of his mind exists another personality, another entity in itself fighting to control him. It's an enraged beast that takes over his body whenever he gets too mad.


PNSK is a tall, husky User. He exists sporting short spiked brown hair. He wears a Purple and blue circuit board styled shirt. He also wears cerulean blue pants lined with multiple cargo pockets to which he holds a plethora of items. His defining article of clothing is PNSK's cloak. It's a short sleeved yellow cloak with a hood resistant to cloaking himself, that is to say... he can't hide.


PNSK is a level-headed yet quick tempered young adult. In the face of many hardships, he stays as calm as possible, trying to stay rational and think things out. When the martial arts spirit kicks in, he becomes proud and strong. PNSK mainly tries to be a stonewall when it comes to scraps he and his allies get into. Allowing himself to get hurt before others can, unless otherwise shown.


From plane to plane PNSK has wandered trying to find a permanent home. He struck a nerve among the Veterans at Sonic Paradox. He grew, from lowly newb/nub, up until they accepted him. He is a Privileged Member on the Sonic Paradox forums in the second Parable.