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Otaku are the overweight, unwashed subhumans that consume anime, manga, and related items as their sole source of diet. They all have some limited form of "magic" to combat enemies; However, most are borderline morbidly obese and are incapable of efficient melee combat. They differ from anime and manga loving users in that their consumption of anime and manga is the sole purpose of their existence.


(These failures want to be Otaku. Not quite at the bonecrushing weight of Otaku, but still unhealthy. Numerous, weak melee combatant)

Cosplay OtakuEdit

(One step away from being a Furry. Uses "magic" to attack.)

Ninja OtakuEdit

(The most physically active otaku... which isn't saying much. Melee combat with "magic" support. Mildly stealthy.)

Hentai OtakuEdit

(YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW. Might get rid of.)

Mecha OtakuEdit

(Pilot cardboard robots. Though cumbersome and somewhat flimsy, they are still dangerous)

Macro OtakuEdit

(Bears the similarity of size with the Macro Furry. Not nearly as disgusting, as they follow a strict anime/manga diet, but still a dangerous crushing hazard, as GriffinFlash found out. Fat Noob, despite his name, is one of these)