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Name: KaDoYuu a.k.a. Kad, or KaDo

Personality: An easygoing and lighthearted artist prone to second-guessing herself, KaDoYuu hates confrontation and will drop even the most valid of arguments if it means maintaining an overall peaceful atmosphere. Plagued by absent-mindedness, it can be easy for her to miss the point of most matters, and make off-the-wall statements. This fact renders both her credibility and verisimilitude, which seems to miraculously salvage itself when her I.Q. spikes every 100 posts or so...


-A (wo)man of words rather than action, KaDo prefers to talk her way out of matters using random, logorrheic bursts of 'white' or transparent text.

-Due to a painfully slow Internet connection, processors slow down, lights dim, and the movement of objects slow down to an unspecified fraction of their normal speed in KaDo's presence. This 'ability' is more of a wildcard, as it can either help OR harm the Team, depending on the circumstances...