(Writing because i'm bored and want to flesh out the universe a bit more. I don't really know what I'm doing...)

There is other life besides the myriad creatures that inhabit The Internet. Whether they be created naturally through eldritch power or artificially, these plants liven up an otherwise bleak desolate landscape, and provide nourishment and death to the various little guys that get stepped on by inconsiderate jackasses. Their effects are often replicated in code.

  • Ping Flower

A small square flowering plant that grows in sparse or clustered groups. When ingested in moderation they restore stamina and point out injuries to aid healing. Excessive ingestion will slow and tire the individual. Contact with the plant or plants will provide weaker, more temporary effects. Named after the loud, distinctive noise the bud makes when it pops open.

  • Trace Vine

Not much is known about these vines, other than they like to grab at unwary limbs and are hard to remove. Other creatures may take advantage of a less mobile meal with a convenient trailing vine following it. It has been guessed that the vines feed off of the blood of their victims, but this has not been confirmed.

  • Encryptree

With colorful, intricate, glowing branches, this is a pretty tree. It hides its leaves when it is being observed, though recording programs have revealed large leaves with intricate, glowing patterns on them. The entire tree flashes brightly when touched, blinding nearby tree surgeons and small children.