Fancy comic shenanigans

This massive lardo crushed poor, unsuspecting GriffinFlash in the first Parable[1].

He has appeared in the second Parable, first saving RGX's group from a bunch of trolls, then arguing with them, then helping them escape from 4chan against his will because of his demanding mother. Also, it turns out his actual name is Chubby Noobkins. Who would've thought. Of course, it could just be a nickname given to him by his mother or something NO, THAT IS HIS NAME NOW. AND NO AMOUNT OF FREEWILL OR REBELLION WILL CHANGE IT.

He later got distracted by something and ran off. I forget what the hell it is because it really isn't important, just like this character.

This noob is not the only one of its kind, however it is the only one of its kind that has ever done anything even noticeable in it's entire existence.