The brony race is a relatively newer race that has only surfaced over the past few years. They are a more peaceful and friendly race, who generally do not try to start drama on other sites. There are a variety of subclasses of this race, but they are rather unique in that they they are classed both by physical and sociological parameters. They are apparently diverse enough to warrant an article completely separate from The Fandoms. Information on them is limited due to their short history on the internet.


(This section will be updated as new information comes into light.)

Earth ponyEdit

These are some of the most common type of Brony. Though lacking in the flight of the Pegasi, or the magic of the Unicorn, they make up for it with their physical fortitude and (generally) pragmatic sensibilities. Indeed, many Earth Ponies are capable of great feats of strength, endurance, and even agility. In addition, they can manipulate the "earth" (And underlying code) under their hooves, though they usually require site permission.


These Bronies possess wings and a lighter frame, allowing for flight and great feats of speed and agility. Though lighter and less muscular than their Earth Pony brethren they are still surprisingly resilient, a necessity for the high speeds they tend to travel at. They can also manipulate the "weather" in a site, again usually requiring permission to do so.


The last of the "basic" subclasses is the Unicorn. While not as resilient as the Earth Pony nor as nimble as the Pegasus, they have a horn that allows them to manipulate code at a much more arbitrary level than the other two subclasses, with some abilities not even requiring permissions. They share some similarities with the feared Hacker class, but are generally at a weaker, more instinctual level.


Alicorns are a very rare fourth sub-class of Brony. Possessing traits from the other three subclasses, with a massive rise in ability, they are a formidable force. They are rare, however, because they must come from one of the other subclasses, with hard work, dilligence, and friendship culminating into the metamorphosis of an Alicorn. It is said that they are immortal, though with the relative newness of the Brony fandom this remains to be seen.