Name: BoozermaN

Personality: Possibly the most infamous mod on the forum. An overly critical Brit who loves nothing more than getting drunk and shouting at noobs for their crap ideas and stupid comments. When he's not being angry banning people he's giving helpful critique to those who he sees potential in.

Abilities: An inhuman resistance to alcohol poisoning which makes his breath almost pure alcohol, useful if he has a lighter on him to create fire-breath. He carries a huge ban-hammer with him as he uses a lot, so big only he can use it. Also a very powerful fighter and can handle noobs with his bare hands but he likes to keep at least one hand free for alcohol purposes.

Current state

Name: StonermaN

Personality: A weed smoking, nature loving, creature nurturing, guitar playing, weed smoking hippy. Became nice and found enlightenment after his darkness was drained from him. He spends his time smoking weed and editing videos for BlipTV and does a damn good job considering that he's high most of the time. Thinks everything is 'cool', very laid back and overly nice in his approach to others regardless of what it is.

Abilities: Plays guitar very well. A master of video editing. Imaginative. Calm approach to any situation regardless of how stressed others are.